In the Utilities Department, the finance director discovered

Lewis said he and his friends have not been involved in any incidents in Zan or nearby. Echoing Florence, he said that sometimes a clothing related reason is given, and sometimes the staffer at the door just says he’s “not feeling it” and doesn’t elaborate. It’s not new, Lewis said he was warned about the club when he came to Springfield.

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One of the basic steps every journalist should take to protect their online accounts from hackers is to use two step verification. With everyone recommending it, journalist Kate Hairsine decided it was time to two step her way across the internet. She found it easy enough to set up but some aspects slightly annoying.

cheap jerseys MOSS POINT, Miss. Moss Point officials say the state Auditor’s Office is investigating potential fraud involving money from the city’s utilities and police departments.In the Utilities Department, the finance director discovered “some discrepancies in the accounting” and told District Attorney Tony Lawrence, who reported the information to the state Auditor’s Office.A second investigation began after Interim Police Chief Brandon Ashley checked the Moss Point Police Benefit Account and discovered problems with spending. The Police Benefit Account was set up for police sponsored events such as the annual National Night Out Against Crime.Broomfield said in statement two city employees had access to the account, although the employees were not named cheap jerseys.

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